About us

McIntyre & Cross, a small Melbourne based firm, who have come to specialise working within the Commercial development and Petroleum industries. Small scale domestic projects and apartment developments are undertaken, and are becoming alarger part of our client base.

Projects can range in value from as little as $350,000 to $20,000,000.From Servery Booth extensions for a McDonalds Restaurant to large Freeway Service Centres, complete with Fast Food Tenancies.

Over the last few years, we, along with a number of other Architects, have worked with McDonald’s Corporation and individual Licensee’s, upgrading existing older buildings, externally and internally, to present to the public, the new Corporate image, throughout the Southern and Western States, including Tasmania. Each was a challenge, for each had to be different but within the Corporate design parameters.

Another client, develops large Freeway Service Centres. Sometimes in sensitive, but prominent sites, for instance the only Service Centres to be built on the East Link Freeway, south east Melbourne are presently being constructed, to open both sides of the Freeway early 2012.

All buildings and sites have to measure up to strict environmentally sustainable outcomes, usually as part of Planning and Building Permit Conditions and as such we work with a broad range of sub-Consultants, who specialise in these fields to obtain the desired results.

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